The Womban Space

AWAKENING feminine channels of WISDOM to step towards being an initiate of the light

The Womban Space is a Sacred channel for Women.
A passage that guides Ceremony, earth rhythm, feminine wisdom, ancients medicine & secrets.
A passage that calls upon the Medicine Woman, the priestess, the warrior within to activate all the faces of the Goddess you came here to be.
A passage that teaches, heals, empowers, aligns, guides, gathers and mentors Women to step into their Sacred spiritual self and the Medicine of the soul.
We walk with remembering and preservation of the ancient ways with the high vibrational Women we are today.
We walk together to actualise our visions into this world.

We gather Women to awaken and live a life embodying our Sacred responsibilities, our joy, a life that is rich, where spirituality is our everyday, magic and alignment to Spirit & nature becomes who we are and our connection to life and the Sacred Feminine is our highest priority and through this we are abundant, radiant and living life fully.

Ceremonies, Medicine & Healing for Women

We have created a unique rethreading of wisdom for Women. One that acts upon the Sacred web of life that connects all aspects of the Feminine and earth together using a merge of ancient secrets and wisdom and the Women we are today. We call upon the Medicine Woman, the priestess and the warrior within for you to be a Woman of the light. To stand as a guardian, a wisdom keeper, a muse.

We stand as Woman of the light, for the awakening of the fullness of Woman through the Mystical & Magical realms to live a fully embodied life.



We activate the Sacred keys within that brings your wisdom, your inner knowing to life. We teach you how to look deep into the well of the womb to integrate your wholeness into this life.


These teachings guide you to be yourself  to the fullest extent, to help support each other, to stand as Woman, to honour culture and the earth. We offer Women a reality that calls upon the wisdom of many Sacred lineages, of many indigenous inspired teachings, of the star beings and earth walkers, guiding us to a whole and connected life.

Ready for more oneness, love and joy?

We share with you integrative spirituality and womb wisdom that activates ancient wisdom and flows from the soul, awakening a Sacred connection, to remember who you are.

The Womban Space  is an eco system of the Feminine, a thriving way of life that merges all aspects of you to fully thrive in its environment. We join as a medicine circle, a gathering, an honouring of all Women, of the Feminine all over this planet (in Man, Woman, Pachamama, flora and fauna). We honour the rhythm of life, the cyclical flow of all life, we are here as a Sacred passage uniting the earth and cosmos, directions and elements, higher vibrational living with blessed actions and contemporary life though Sacred, Holistic Feminine Education & Healing for awakening Women.


Our Services

We are a living school of wisdom, ceremony, Sacred practice and healing of Woman. Merging ancient and contemporary ways of living and being for Women, that is deeply united with the earth.

“She gently opens with brilliant colour, her scent wafting through the winds carried thy the beauty of her sisters, sent by the seeds of their daughters. A gentle caress felt in the residual air of the Sacred temple of the womb, carrying the ancient secrets the potent magic, carried up on voices, harmonising the elixir that brings forth dreams and actualises visions.

The elements hold the kinds for endless awakening to come alive, through shared hearts spanned across Sacred lands connecting the water, uniting the family.”

This is a space of Spiritual Feminine Embodiment  aligned with a Sacred template of life, Sacred structure and Sacred order so you can shine as an awakened Woman.

This path honours you as a unique embodiment of Woman, but one deeply weaved into the web of Gaia, woman, family, healing, Sacred wisdom. Every facet of daily life is aligned with Sacred purpose, nurturing life force, harmony and spiritual growth and we provide a complete experiential education hub in holistic living for women.


Feminine Spiritual Ceremonies & Practices

In the name of the healing work we do

May you dance with the spiral of life, dance in a circle of women to awaken & walk the spiral pathway within.

May you unite with the Womb and awaken the wisdom,

May you remember and reclaim that which is already yours.

We welcome you to embody the Sacred Feminine. Merging The Ancient Sacred Path of Spiritual Awakening with today.

We bring you personal feminine transformational work, courses, classes, ceremonies, retreats and teachings, together we walk the inner spirals of life.

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