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Sammi created The Womban Space to share the wisdom of awakening as Woman, to share the pure Sacred medicine of the earth, and the indigenous world view she has been honoured to receive. Sammi is a Shamanic inspired healer, medicine woman, muse, Divine Feminine channel; pure connection to what is possible to integrate & embody Womban in all of us.

I created The Womban Space to honour Sacred Feminine wisdom, Spiritual transformation and the indigenous world view of life. I am here to share practices to connect, harmonise and educate women on the awakened path of life. The world is ready to receive this medicine. Here we connect women to the earth, to the womb, to trust in the magic of the Divine, the mystical, true spiritual integrity of life, offering healing as it is meant to be for each person. Together we awaken the heart and womb. Everything at The Womban Space is a Sacred gathering, we specialise in ceremony, where we give Sacred structure, integrity and trust to the Feminine.

Sammi Davies


"Sammi is a Divine channel of healing, she works with miracles. She holds a Divine Sacred space and journeys masterfully through the Sacred anatomy and metaphysics of women and the unseen worlds of energy."

Sammi works through a Shamanic inspired order of healing to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony. She works with Divine Feminine energy channels to cleanse, purify and harmonise your energy, then assisting you to grow and learn. 

Sammi is initiated deeply into the path of the womb, healing and earth based indigenous inspired healing. Using the womb spirals Sammi guides you to weave and integrate ancestral wisdom, Sacred light codes and feminine frequencies, ancient Sacred remembering within your Sacred body temple using Sacred heart and womb medicine. It is here we awaken our full power as ‘Woman’ and truly help our womb to flourish with fertility. Through her own healing and awakening journey Sammi has received wisdom and Spiritual awakening from all over the world. She has learnt from indigenous cultures all over the world, different healing ways, paths of awakening and ancient wisdom lineages, all of which she merges here with you.

Creating a complete collective of body, mind, spirit, emotion, moral and social wellbeing for Embodied Spiritual Illumination, The Womban Space is a Sacred hub of wisdom for Women

Sammi is highly qualified in Science (sport science and exercise physiology), Yoga & Nutritional therapy. She is a Master Wellness Coach, Intuitive and earth Healer, has been graced with the path of the Medicine Woman through a lineage of healers, working with the path of the Sacred Feminine.
I have travelled to many places around the world receiving healing, Sacred experiences and teachings from healers and teachers. I have sat upon many Sacred lands, sites and walked through many non physical initiations. I have walked this road deeply and with deep integrity for what I have received. I stand here at The Womban Space with deep reverence for each journey I have and still get to take, and with deep reverence in my heart for my teachers along the way.
We all learn in different ways. I have received all my great healing and awakenings, through my health journey. I first learnt the inner physical anatomy of the body, nutrition and how to prepare and care for the Sacred body temple so we may then walk the Sacred path with reverence fo the physical body. This started the deepening of her journey into yoga, shamanic practices, spiritual wisdom, psycho-spiritual understanding, feminine emotional wellbeing, Sacred energy pathways and more.

Sammi has overcome many chronic health challenges that really initiated her into the metaphysical world of being. Here's HerStory.

I suffered chronic bloating since I was 15, chronic constipation my entire life and PCOS diagnosed at 17 when I was still not menstruating (due to cysts, sports performance and hormone imbalance) which continued to be spontaneous bleeding every 3 months, once a year, missing years until I was 25. I became Coeliac and had many digestive issues. I was told I would likely not have children with cysts like this and that was the beginning of my health initiations.

I began as an athlete, then a gym trainer, then an evolving and successful Exercise Physiologist and Sport Scientist. I travelled and studied elite athletes showing a new world of study to the domain of sport, psycho-spiritual, emotional and personal affects on physiological performance of training on the human body.

And then my direction shifted. I made a big decision to walk a new path. One of freedom, movement, creative expression, holistic wellbeing. One that I had no idea would bring me to this place.

My first activation began from chronic bloating and constipation, seeking refuge in alternative medicine over a medical approach.

My second activation began from volunteering in a detention centre, shifting my entire understanding of life and human nature.

My next activation was when I transitioned to metaphysical, psychosomatic healing. After a miracle healing, repeating an affirmation on a wart that would always return, it suddenly fell off on day 3 of the affirmations and never returned. I never looked back from this path. 


Sometimes it takes a decision to make ONE big change to allow everything to change. 

I not only received alternative therapy I began to walk and embody the holistic lifestyle a plant based raw vegan lifestyle, natural healing, my own awakening of healing gifts, spirit guides, world travels for Sacred wisdom and more holistic studies.

After years travelling the world receiving healing, awakening, experiencing and growing, I got sick with dengue fever in Bali, a Sacred initiation into healing and my soul. I healed over time with plants and high vibrational medicine, but it left me with chronic digestive issues and led to chronic fatigue syndrome. The biggest death and renewal of myself. I have studied and received a true understanding and first hand experience at metaphysical healing, to create physical happiness and vitality.

“I am a qualified healer, nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, exercise physiologist, holistic health coach and more.”

I travelled the world through all of this seeing alternative healers, travelling Sacred lands, immersing in any healing modality, fasting, learning and practices other cultural ways of being. This potent combination finally all fell into place whilst travelling through Maha Shakti temples and practices of India, I was graced to teach of the Sacred feminine energy to bring harmony to Women. Then in Peru in 2018, using Sacred plant medicine and my Shipibo Maestrae in the Amazon, I healed my body, journeyed and received Sacred teachings from the plants and was gifted the grace to heal others.

I healed myself though my inner journey of self, trauma release, high vibrational medicine, plant medicine, positive psychology, shamanic practices and more. I returned myself to a completely well and healthy state and now after myself going through the Shipibo Shamanic process of cleansing, purifying, reharmonising, learning and growing take others on the healing journey. 

I had been healing, awakening and studying for over 8 years, offering Holistic coaching and alternative wellness courses, and teaching yoga. It was then many missing pieces clicked and I left everything else behind and became a healer for the Sacred Feminine and Women. 

My physical body completely healed through the Spiritual pathway of healing and activated a Sacred pathway of the Sacred Feminine.

I was initiated to being a healer through my physical manifestations of health imbalance. That was my healing language. This photo was my life for years, happy and positive, eating organic, wholefoods, gluten free, vegan, exercising, doing yoga, enjoying nature. All the things that could heal someone.

 It wasn’t until I walked deeper into the Spiritual healing path that my life changed, at the end of that journey through Peru my life changed because I changed. Working with and living in the Amazon jungle with my Shipibo Maestra for 4 1/2 weeks initiated me into the depth of my healing, leaving her with the Grace of healing others.

Sammi has experience with a range of alternative healing modalities

Sammi has journeyed with Flower essences, Herbal medicines and Natural remedies, Colour therapy, Nutritional therapy, Sacred ceremonies and Leadership, Energy work, Yoga, Trauma release techniques, Womb healing, Tantric teachings of Nepal, Shamanism and Earth based healing practices.

Her greatest wisdom openings coming from initiatory blessings in Maha Shakti temples in India, working alongside a Shipibo Maestrea in South America with plant medicines, numerous plant and tree dietas, including the medicine of Cacao. Awakening her deep earth connection in the Sacred mountains, the Apu, around Peru, walking and healing with the land of Bali & New Zealand. She has first hand received an extensive path of healing and learning from many initiatory teachers.


In 2018 Sammi experienced a Kundalini awakening that initiated her into a depth of Sacred wisdom and a depth of awakening like no other, she was offered an awakened state of living.

She then experienced a womb awakening in Peru that initiated her into the Mystic realm of Womb wisdom, the lineage of the rose and the pure Sacred Feminine channels of life.

Sammi has embodied and walked this Sacred path with many indigenous culture healers and teachers and has been gifted so much to share along the way. Sammi is attuned to high vibrational frequencies and is anchoring them here with you to awaken your Sacred journey. She continues to travel the world, learning and growing, to continue to pass on wisdom to women.

embodied feminine sacred WOMANhood

AWAKENING women to sacred medicine

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