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Sacred Feminine Wisdom Tools Ebook

These ebooks are a Sacred pathway into divine feminine wisdom. They open your feminine channels, offering you a transmission of healing, energetic upgrades and higher truth. We have put together years of experience, Sacred wisdom passed on, teachings so Sacred and dear they leave us in pure reverence at the opportunity and invitation  to practice them. 

Say Yes to The Sacred Feminine

Say yes to a collection of Sacred teaching to ignite feminine  life force. These books are a gateway to your spirituality as a Woman. They are a reminder, a remembering and a reigniting of your life force as a Woman. 


Sacred Wisdom

Wisdom we once received through story telling and from our elders



This book is filled with practices you can take and apply to your life daily, monthly or seasonally.



This book will activate a calling deep within, as you read each word your cells will begin to remember.


Easy to follow

The book is broken down into three main components so you can take your time to open the wisdom gateways.


Feminine Essentials

This book contains essential information for Women stepping into ritual and ceremony.



We invite you to receive the gifts of the wisdom shared here, to practice it, to remember it and to honour it. This will open gateways in your life.


There is no limit To how you can use This Wisdom.

The wisdom shared here is for you. The rituals and ceremonies have been practiced over many years. They have changed many lives, transformed minds and opened many opportunities. We invite you to receive the feminine magic of this Sacred wisdom collection.

What Women say?

And once you’ve started we would love to hear your experience too!

"Such a beautiful reminder of how to be a Woman and include the Sacred into each day. I tuned to the moon and my whole body began to synchronise with nature."
"I made over my Altar that day I and it felt like I refreshed more than that in my life. I have so much more energy and clarity after applying this Sacred Wisdom. I read the ebooks regularly and its different every time."
"Such a powerful, beautiful and mesmerising collection for me to bring into my life in so many ways. I have craved exactly what these books offer for so long. I gained so much trust in life through this process."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to understand the books?

These books will resonate with you at whatever level you are at. Each time you re-read them you will receive a new depth, you will receive new wisdom and new opportunities. They are a gateway for all Women.

Can I print the books?

You sure can. I read these books myself, and I like to read them in different ways; on my computer, in my hand, on the aeroplane, at the park. You can use them as you please. We offer these books in password protected downloadable PDF format.

Am I ready for Feminine Wisdom?

If you are on this page, the books have called you here. The healing, the activations, the practices have guided you. The feminine path is a path that will continue for the rest of your life. Once activated it just continues to expand and teach you. It is such an honour to witness Women who step onto this path, this remembering, because higher truth, higher wisdom, higher consciousness leads them onto magical paths and they are forever thankful for the journey they chose to make to come home to them self and their wisdom.

What can I expect?

107 pages rich in Wisdom, story telling, practices, ritual suggestions, ceremonies, guided exercises, life changing routines and healing opportunities. You can expect to receive from each word. The more present you are with the books, the wisdom, the practices, the more they will offer you.

Activate your Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Thankyou for receiving the Grace of the feminine, the rawness of who you truly are and the rituals and ceremonies that will connect you deeper to life. Together through this wisdom we honour the Sacred, we honour the earth and we honour the feminine. Thank you for walking these footsteps with me.


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