special event

The Trinity Of Love


60 days anchoring in
The Trinity Of Love
a new channel of light within You


This activation series will awaken the powerful teachings within you so you can integrate Feminine consciousness into your heart, so you can walk confidently with Divine power and grace. Sisters, Women, welcome to 60 days immersed in your Sacred chambers of love.
This is an online gathering of Women for 60 days (trinity number 6+0= 6) enriched in each others company, strength, devotion and willingness to be the
 bridge of light for what you offer 2020.
Activating the Trinity of love through being one in spirit, purpose, and mind.

Are you ready to be in an incubator of powerful light that can help you access abundance, an inner spring of love to use for all creations, for you to be filled with vitality and knowing?

Are you ready to embrace a Divine container of Sacred Sisterhood for the way showers, the healers, the light guardians and wisdom keepers through ritual, ceremony and a creative tapestry of devotional practice?

You are ready because you have landed on this page.

We are opening hidden secrets within your body, mysteries with the feminine and the potential of what we can truly receive as we begin to awaken and align to being fully embodied abundance channels, in very simple but powerful ways.

Some practices may be a couple of minutes others longer.

You are ready, welcome Sister to The Trinity of Love.

This will open your heart to receive, to be supported, begin to open your Divine inheritance and through the Trinity Of Love you will create a going out in love, a return in love and thus, love itself.

Embrace the Magic In Womanhood

This is a journey of Sacred, embodied Womanhood of the heart and womb. Inner luminosity through each cell of your being, through your soul, your body reflects the light, the codes of who you are. Learn to light up your body and life.

As Awakened Women

You will return to your inner well of love and light. You will learn once again to create with ease, connect to Gaia, take blessed actions and to hold potency in your body and all that you do, to be truly magnetic to life.

Intimate Sisterhood Connection

This is a gathering, a ceremony, a remembering. A still point to come back to time and time again as a Woman, living the Sacred in today’s world. A Sacred journey to connect to other Women and unite Women alike. The way showers, the healers, the light guardians and wisdom keepers.

Ignite Your Sacred Essence

It is time to ignite the womb light. To bring that essence to the heart so you can comfortably bring meaning and purpose to your actions.


In 2020 in Sisterhood, aligned in the highest source of love and light to align ourselves with attracting a year of full potential

I am so excited for you, honoured to walk by your side and know just how subtle and powerful this activation series will be. This will change life as you know it.


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