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A new way to LIVE & BE

An online collective of masterclasses, course immersions, Sacred practices and gatherings for Women to be Women embodying the Sacred.



A Sacred hub of teachings and practices we have gathered from life, ancient wisdom and Sacred teachings around the world compiled into Rituals, Ceremonies and Sacred habits you can apply to your life. 



We offer transformational feminine programs to embody the essence of being a Woman. These programs are inspired by  the grace of the heart and womb, the 13 spirals of the womb, the 13 moons and the 13 council of goddess for a  journey into the feminine, earth wisdom, awakening your Sacred essence and more.



We have gathered Sacred topics, Ancient wisdom, feminine mysteries and worldly experience and healing into a variety of masterclasses and energetic transmissions for you to receive.

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We Invite your light into the world. We like to light up the earth so we can heal each other and the earth. By gathering Women all over the world to meet in ceremony from your own home, whether you’re with your friends, home with your children or on your own at home, we are creating a gird of light and awakening all over the earth. You’ll be deeply welcomed to our Sacred community.

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"Sammi is an incredible and very powerful woman who leads through truth and purpose. Sammi is extremely passionate about serving her purpose and igniting the inner wisdom within every woman in this world. This beautiful sacred earth gypsy soul is true to herself and others and leads by inspiring other women to unlock their truth and radiate with love. I highly recommend Sammi for one-on-one coaching, her Full Moon, RISE & Renew events, workshops and group work. Sammi always comes from a place of love and is such a beautiful energetic vibing soul"
"I connected with Sammi and other amazing women at a Day Retreat that she organised. The day was incredibly magical, relaxing and was an experience I would recommend to any woman. Taking time out to nurture yourself and connect with other like-minded women is medicine for the soul. I will definitely attend other events. Sammi helped to make my daughter and I feel so welcome and loved with her gentle way."
Satya Karuna
"YAY! 30 days of wholesome recipes, emotional and spiritual development and a tonne of knowledge shared by the incredible Sammi J and her amazing 'Reset Spring Detox'. I'm eternally grateful for this experience and will use these tools to guide me all the way! I have Clarity, Energy and I'm so much more Positive than ever before. Thankyou Sammi for inspiring me to be the best version of myself."
"Sammi Jane has such a big beautiful soul and holds amazing sacred spaces for women to connect with themselves, their spirit and others. I’ve been to her day retreats, had one on one sessions and yesterday’s attended her sacred women’s lunch. Each time i attended an event there’s nothing but divine love that shines through my being and everyone who attends. I’m always so grateful to be surround by the women who are called to be at Sammi’s retreats/event."


We are a growing collection of resources, healing and events for awakened Women. See how you can immerse yourself in ancient wisdom, Sacred sisters, connection, gathering and pleasure to invite your light into all that you do. We offer you the tools to feminine you to embody your feminine essence.


Indulge in your Sacred presence, Magic, Feminine essence, Gifts and Grace. The only way to serve another, is by first serving yourself.


The best gift you can give someone is the permission and inspiration to be themselves.

Here at The Womban Space we value paying it forward in all our services in any way we can, giving back to others, worthy causes and the earth.

We encourage you to be apart of paying it forward and invite a Woman you know into this Sacred collective, Invite her light into the world.

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