Sacred codes and wisdom, an instrument of Gaia, a state of being, spiritual integrity offering Women a Sacred space to craft and honour their spirituality, Sacred practice & Sacred medicine.

This space invites you to connect to Sacred practice to honour being a Sacred Woman, Spirituality, & union with Gaia.

We offer you abundant channels to create and connect to your Sacred passage between you and life, your gifts and your wisdom as a Woman. This hub holds the gift of creation. Created and facilitated by Sammi to awaken and activate the natural Divinity of the Sacred Feminine embodied in you as a woman. Most women have never been initiated into the feminine path and so here we take that journey, through Sacred practice to connect to your Divine potential. We open channels and ways for you, your divinity to flow in this physical life. We remind you of the power in being a woman, the fertility of your cycle and the rhythm you naturally have with Gaia, Pachamamma, The Great Mother and all the Sacred wisdom teachings that have come before us.

We customise Sacred medicine for each person and the collective of Women we touch. Blending Sacred plant medicine, Sacred initiations and awakenings, practices and wisdom, ancient remember earth medicine, light codes and goddess wisdom to bring harmony to Women embodying the Feminine in this world. It is a space of spirituality and health for women.

It is here, as we step into this Sacred place, with the heart open, we remember the Sacred path to walk. This is how we unite our inner marriage of Masculine and feminine energy, and how we unite our external feminine and masculine within others, the earth and the collective consciousness.

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The Womban Space is a way of living for Women.
This is an open invitation. To remember. To heal. To love. To awaken. To walk Sacred steps.

A Women’s Wisdom Keeper, a Sacred Holistic Education Matrix and Women’s Sacred Initiatory space. We offer you Sacred practice so you can grow in power, grace, love, ability and wisdom. It is time for you to authentically stand in your feminine essence. We offer you a way of living that integrates the Sacred spiritual heart and womb, into your body and life to be aligned with sacred purpose, nurturing life force, health, harmony and spiritual growth. All while being in union with the earth. It is here Sacred practice becomes the habit of growing your spiritual power and consciousness. We walk with womb wisdom, fertility and grace.


It begins with the womb. It moves to the heart. We are here to merge the Divine within, without. To walk the ascending and descending
Our Sacred body temple is made up
of our emotions, our mind, our
connections, relationships.
To shine we need to be an activated vessel.
We need to purify, cleanse, nourish, expand
and connect regularly.

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FAQ The Womban Space

Most frequent questions and answers

The purpose of The Womban Space

To integrate mystical, magical and divine Sacred practice into the everyday for Women to nurture their health, spirituality and personal essence. Each Woman has great power and wisdom within her, and it is her path to awaken the channels for it flow and be embodied in her physical life. The Womban Space guides you through Sacred pathways using many wisdom teachings and practices to find more spiritual presence in your life, to heal and support you to create a life you love to live, using Sacred practice as a pathway to the fullness of who you can be, to heal and support your physical body as a Woman. It is time to come home to the feminine essence and all that that means. This is a space to lift your vibration as a Woman, activate consciousness, a fertile Spiritual sanctuary for women to immerse in their Feminine grace,  their fertility and womb health, their power and connection to Gaia. Truly this is a space to see women shine their light and essence.



The Womban Space wants to offer you healing

These sessions help to restore a woman’s health and vitality, journey her into the realms of her womb, heal trauma, Sacred fertility, activate creativity and creative life channels, activate her Sacred essence, journey with the Sacred Anatomy of a Woman and help her to receive spiritual rejuvenation. A deeply transformative space working with high vibrational medicine.

We hold Sacred space for you to step into your Divinity and divine trust in your souls path, your divine life blueprint and your highest vibrational potential.

We honour your search for meaning, connection and community. We honour your longing for wisdom and guidance.

We co-create with a number of modalities, teachings and cultural wisdom

We offer you a space of collaboration and co-creation with the Sacred Divine Feminine, through Sacred spiritual practices. We collaborate many healing modalities not just one, so that you too can co-create with many or choose one that resonates for you. Flower essences, Ritual, Natural medicine, Vibrational medicine, Herbal and plant remedies, Sacred light codes, Plant medicine, Sacred teachings,  Indigenous teachings, Consciousness teachings, Womb wisdom, Yoga, Shamanism, Ritual, Food nourishment, Story telling and more. 

What does walking the way of the womb mean?

To walk the way of the Womb and of Woman, is to live in a way that honours your natural rhythms and true nature whilst also connecting and tapping into the rhythms and cycles of nature around you. It is an ancient remembering, connection and state of being, a resonance that pulses within each of us. Connecting to the continuum of the spirals of life.When we integrate the womb into Woman, we become embodied Sacred feminine energy. We become an abundant, creative, joyous and loving expression of life. We connect nature within and around us, our innate state of being is inner harmony, we are more aligned with our hearts and our muse, sage and intuition. We connect to the Sacred pleasure and presence of life. We know in any moment we can create and connect.

What can you expect?

This space awakens the heart & womb in women to once again connect to sacred medicine, fertility & the Sacred Feminine.

We offer this through opening mystical and magical union with divine energy and channels in your life by offering Sacred gateways of wisdom & connection to ceremony, indigenous, traditional and contemporary practices to be a high vibrational woman, so you can offer your unique self and your light to this lifetime, to live the life you dream of.

The spirals of 'Woman'

The Womban speaks and lives by the spirals of life, teaching the spiral pathway within oneself and how to navigate the inner realms so we can cultivate greater relationships with all that is. The spirals that ascend and descend, that just like a rose opening within you, the flower of life that sits on top of the womb, in a Woman’s Sacred anatomy to release her nectar to the heart, to blossom through many layers of beauty, many expressions, once she has begun her inner spiral walk and work.

WE see the light that you are


Visit one of our multiple sessions to relax and connect to who you are.