27th Nov - 1st Dec 2019

a 5 day immersion for women

Nannup Western Australia calls us to do the essential work as Sacred Women.

This lands calls us to embody The Essential Woman we came here to be, on Sacred land with reverence for the indigenous and the crystal consciousness this land holds you will transform.
A journey to remembering, weaving and creating with feminine light.

This 5 day retreat is the birth of the Essential Woman within.

Every Woman needs to take a Sacred voyage within herself and this immersion will guide you to do just that.

This is the courageous walk into the Priestess, Warrioress & Medicine Woman, an embodied and expansive journey into the Feminine!
This is a Sacred voyage, an essential journey for Women, a journey that will assist you to remember your innate wisdom, your Feminine pathways and yourself embodying medicine Woman, priestess and warriors of the earth.


The Essential Woman

Together we create a powerful circle to walk you through a Sacred gateway.

A gateway to greater service, earth medicine and truly thriving and saying yes to evolution where the Feminine is in balance, is anchored and secured with the frequency of the earth

We walk you through immense healing, expansion and love. Taking time for ourselves has never been so important or nourishing.

As Women we’re now willing to take whatever means necessary to bring harmony and meaning to all aspects of life. Which means it starts with us.

We journey through Sacred wisdom gateways inspired by indigenous teachings and healing practices, priestess wisdom and earth teachings.

We are using the principle teachings of the 4 phases of birth, 4 aspects of the Integral Feminine, 4 lores of the Medicine Wheel to heal, teach and empower your medicine to activate and awaken.

"Sammi has a way of reaching into your soul and reflecting back that of which you needed to see. She so gracefully and powerfully shares her knowledge & wisdom in such a open free way with all who desire it. I spent a week in Bali with her this August in sacred women’s work and the transformation is still unraveling in perfect motion. I felt so held by Sammi, I vibed with her energy instantly & knew I had to work with her & have ever since. Being in retreat with her was one of the most defining moments of my adult life and I will be forever grateful for that experience with her & my new soul sisters made from it. She’s family now & I’m so thankful to that we get to walk our lives on this earth together !


The Essential Woman is the Woman initiated into the feminine dimensions so she can lead this world through love and the active temple energy of the womb.

Together we will nourish you, align you, heal and expand you to be the Essential Woman you came here to be!


Nannup Hideaway is Secluded, Private, Peaceful and exclusively located on the 3rd highest peak in the region overlooking the Blackwood River Valley below, and surrounded by Forests. A safe haven for Kangaroos, Emus, Eagles and masses of birdlife inhabiting the property. The energy here is gentle but intense.

A crystal vein runs through the land – opaque, rose, smokey quartz, tourmaline & mica to name a few. Barrabup Forest on our doorstep, spotted with old growth Jarrah & Marri’s, rare flora & fauna.



Sacred aboriginal sites to explore in silent meditation walks. This Forest was one of the ‘meeting places’ for Indigenous tribes to gather in Ceremony of Birth, Death, Marriage. We hold great respect for country & feel very honoured to work with Nannup Hideaway as a sacred caretaker of this property. Miles of open country lead from the front gate – gravel & bush tracks to wander and be lost in this vastness. We open the Sacred passage for the land to guide you on your healing path and awaken The Essential Medicine within.

This Retreat Immersion Will Give you:

  •  An opportunity to explore high crystal consciousness, a crystal vein and gathering of crystals
  • An opportunity to be on Sacred Indigenous land
  • Immerse in nature and learning from country
  • A Sacred Wild Feminine foundation to upgrade your life, your energy, your Sacred anatomy and your channels of service
  • Nourish connection to yourself, Women, the earth and spiritual essence
  • Do deep inner healing of your ancestral and Feminine lineage.
  • Walk your own inner Sacred voyage to awaken and receive inner wisdom and healing
  • Activate your earth frequency and the passage between you and the earth
  • Ways to tune in, activate Medicine within your body, upgrade the vibration of your womb and heart and merge it with the heart
  • Activate the essence of the medicine Woman, priestess and Warrior of the earth within you
  • Saturate yourself with Womens Ceremony for 5 days.
  • Nourish your Spiritual essence as an awakened Woman, Womb and Heart Wisdom
  • Activate your fertility channels to be a channel for life in all forms


As the retreat gives to you, it is challenging you to face every aspect of yourself as the feminine embodied, as Womban to truly OPEN & RECEIVE.

The Essential Woman is awakening

First we honour you as a Woman.

Then you face the fears of being seen, speaking, witnessing yourself in your fullness of beauty and medicine.
We are gathering to honour you, to honour us, to honour our family, our community, the earth, the gift that you are (and carry) and all that you stand for. Honour your healing process, your evolutionary steps and your transformation as Woman.


Women leading through love and the active temple energy of the womb

We will be working with a medicine circle of Sisterhood to unite in an energetic field of connection, trust, healing, acceptance, compassion and empowerment of the highest soul potential of each woman to be birthed.

Together we are remembering Wisdom, soul keys, evolution, grace, the inner spiral journey, how to relinquish greater love and oneness with your body, this earth, this life. Receive de-armouring of emotional stagnation, blocks and fears, priestess sequences. Honouring the rhythm and relationship between you and life, using the womb as the Sacred gate keeper.

Integrating the aspects of you that are medicine, that are calling forth light, that are needing to speak. This is a Sacred Immersion to awaken deeper aspects of self and connection to source of the Feminine.

As 2019 is coming to a close and 2020 is opening, this retreat is bringing forth the final healing, growth, wisdom and teaching pathways within your body, soul and life for you to immerse in the power within, the wisdom within, the gateways within.

This retreat holds the keys to evolving as Woman.
It is a Feminine voyage to the Essential Woman.

The Woman you came here to be. We take a journey to first heal and shed, then anchor, then walk through the passage of rebirth, then grow, illuminate and rise with reverence and radiance.


Embodying your Divine nature and wisdom

Join us for this 5 day immersion

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