The Opening - A Sacred Womens Initiate Retreat

A seed of remembrance

A well spring of healing
A feminine spirit quest within
An immersion with life

Bringing the dream of Re-wilding and Remembering the essence of the Divine Feminine to life. Bringing to life your commune with the earth. Feeling the pulse of the Medicine Woman & Priestess within.

This retreat is experiential. You are bathed in ceremony, ritual, rites, the magic of the feminine in a hands on way.  Our curriculum shows you how to look at the experiences of your own life, to understand our own truth and beauty, and our history in this world. To know how to use energy to heal, to divine the unseen energies of the universe toward a higher purpose in life.

A journey to fall in love with the deepest expression of you, as an embodiment of feminine and womb wisdom and a guardian of the earth.

The more we truly begin to realise the illusion between spirit and reality and the true abundance that is available to you the more we open to the Sacred passages that give us access to that.
The more we can align ourselves with our true feminine nature and being a Woman, the more light and love we can awaken in our lives and that of the earth.

This retreat is a time of Reclaiming, Remembering and Activating your bodies wisdom!

We step into retreat to renew the depth that we see ourselves and this life.
We step into this retreat to learn of the womb, the heart and the Sacred passages.
To release the constructs of the mind, societies conditions and our traumas. To release that which holds us back, to realise and breakthrough the upper limits of our consciousness, to meet the boundless nature of Feminine Consciousness.

To walk as womb wisdom embodied, to walk as a unified Woman living in union with life, releasing fears of separation. This retreat is an up-levelling of your vibration and what is possible when you activate the Medicine Woman and priestess within.

We step into this retreat to truly, deeply journey with the feminine.

Reclaiming Lost Aspects of Woman To Embody your Divine Wisdom
It’s time again to nourish the heart and womb abundance channels!

A retreat to expand

Each Woman who steps into retreat will have her own unique experience of healing and awakening. This is a process of remembering, activating and awakening the energy within to source your energy.

We journey together for you to remember the oneness between you and the earth, you and others, you and life. Join with other Women of the light and awaken deeper soul gifts, guidance and healing.

This retreat is an evolution of what you know to be possible and what you know to be true.
Join our alternate reality based on unique vibrational states and unconditional loving grace

activate the MEDICINE WOMan, goddess codes & feminine consciousness

Bathe in healing flowers, stand bare on the earth, get naked with your essence. Discover how to create a bridge of heaven and earth using the art of surrender, engage with your spirit teachers, learn ways of opening and expressing the body and feminine essence, learn ways of being inspired by indigenous teachings and healing methods, gaze at the stars, restore your energy and connection to other Women.

We are opening a new state of being. We are opening you to the essential core of creation. The grail of existence. We are opening the God ‘Queen’ Consciousness. We are opening the light sequences you came here to be and share. We are opening your wombs wisdom and eros.

"...Life Changing. Transformational. Magic. I stepped in as one person and stepped out as another, and two months later am still feeling the effects of this transformation!

There is nothing like the acceleration of the remembering, knowing, growth and healing that happened in this retreat. Sammi is a goddess, I trust her implicitly. She is a light, a guide, a teacher that truly embodies her teachings, not just repeating but sharing her knowledge from having walked the path. She holds space in a way that makes you feel completely at ease and truly seen. Her magic is woven into every moment of retreat, where you feel nourished, nurtured and safe. Although on the journey with your sisters, your experience is totally unique and very personalised. I am in awe of her ability to connect and guide from the most pure place of love, in your own time, the healing is deep and true. You also gain the practical tools to tap into your wisdom and take with you back into your life. I feel truly blessed to have taken this journey with Sammi, a womban that is walking beside you, who has walked the path and wants to help you walk it too, to remember who you are and to live the life you truly desire and are worthy of. I will always hold the magical moments, deep inner remembering, sisterhood, fun and laughter of this retreat in my heart. I am not saying this lightly, my life has changed completely and I am excited to see what continues to unfold. I can't recommend it highly enough, if you are feeling called to take this journey, stop deliberating take a deep breath, trust yourself and take the step!"

Sammi has a way of reaching into your soul and reflecting back that of which you needed to see.

She so gracefully and powerfully shares her knowledge & wisdom in such a open free way with all who desire it. I spent a week in Bali with her this August in sacred women’s work and the transformation is still unraveling in perfect motion. I felt so held by Sammi, I vibed with her energy instantly & knew I had to work with her & have ever since. Being in retreat with her was one of the most defining moments of my adult life and I will be forever grateful for that experience with her & my new soul sisters made from it. She’s family now & I’m so thankful to that we get to walk our lives on this earth together ! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough, once you work with her, you’ll just get it, like I did. You can’t un feel the beauty of Sammi Jane!!


Learn to use the inner realms of the earth, Mother Earths medicine, channels of wisdom and healing tools for greater connection to life. This retreat is an immersion into our collaboration of Indigenous inspired healing practices, cosmic and earth activations, deep embodiment of womb wisdom, medicine woman awakening and nourishment of your souls connection to Feminine Consciousness.

We are walking through a sacred gateway

A gateway to greater service, earth medicine and truly thriving and saying yes to evolution where the Feminine dimension is anchored and in balance with the frequency of the earth.

  •  What’s been missing from your life? (Don’t know, come find out)
  • Are you ready to discover the puzzle pieces to fill out the picture?
  • Are you ready to RECLAIM aspects of your life, your body, your spirit?

Nourish your spiritual essence as an awakened Woman

A space to first nourish your body as a temple, to enjoy nutritious food, move your body and open the waters of your body.

Nourish connection to life through incredible conversations, Women and build powerful healing relationships with all living beings.
Nourish your Earth frequency, enjoy Sacred land and beautiful scenery, learning from the land, learn the true meaning of ‘land/country’
Engage in spiritual practices, art and expression that is preserving Sacred Womens Ceremonies and Medicine.
It is time to heal with the Earth.


A signature week immersion for Women to reclaim deeper aspects of Woman, as a channel of the Feminine source embodied.

This retreat is:

  • A time of reclaiming
  • A great remembering
  • A healing
  • A deep soul nourishment
  • A space to rise into your Sacred power
  • A blessing
  • A cleansing
  • A ceremony
  • A devotion

a 7 day sacred inner voyage for women

Bali is Sacred land of purification. She cleanses us with her Sacred waters, her prayers and her wild ways. She brings the fire and water element of the earth alive within our bodies and attunes us to our Sacred spiritual practices.

Every Woman needs to take a Sacred voyage within herself and this immersion will guide you to do just that. This immersion will guide you to practice your gifts and Spiritual practice for the greater good, for the earth and all living beings.

To learn to cultivate energy from within your body, within your connection to the earth and spirit.

To truly receive the experience of ‘I am.’

This is the courageous walk into the Priestess, Warrioress & Medicine Woman, an embodied and expansive journey into the Feminine!
This is a Sacred voyage, an essential journey for Women, a journey that will assist you to remember your innate wisdom, your Feminine pathways and yourself embodying medicine Woman, priestess and warriors of the earth.


The Opening A Sacred Womens Initiate Retreat

Together we create a powerful circle to walk you through a Sacred gateway.

Over the week you’re going to:

  • Learn Sacred Feminine tools & healing practices to use at home
  • Play with ancient wisdom from feminine dimensions
  • Relish in continuous ceremony
  • Experience making offerings and using the medicine wheel to bring harmony
  • Devotional experiences of the feminine
  • Womb wisdom and eros, gateways of Woman
  • Experience immersive healing sessions using the earth, pranayama, Sacred womb breath work, sound and plants for Women
  • Waterfalls, dolphins and more
  • Somatic release, moving emotions and stagnant energy with Ancient Feminine Tools.
  • Yoga and soul nourishing movement
  • Deepen your rhythm and lift your vibration so you can truly tap into abundance
  • Integrate and connect deeper to your gifts and essence
  • Learn to engage with the source within you, to hear your bodies wisdom
  • Nourish and cultivate your relationships with Women
  • Cultivate Sacral and Womb Prana
  • Sit in ceremony and awaken the primordial circle
  •  Journey with the Cosmic Egg of Womb Wisdom
  • Find the power of your voice and heal its distortion using the chambers of the earth
  • Awaken and walk deep healing
  • Reclaim what you’ve forgotten
  • Time to breathe and be with the plant and spirit teachers.
  • Intro to Black Onyx – Dark Healing Embrace of Shadow

    This retreat will help you take the next step!

  • Are you ready to do a deep check in with yourself?
  • Release blocks in your feminine energy
  • Heal old habits
  • Nourish your essence
  • Sing, dance and express yourself
  • Reconnect to Mother Earth
  • Open your channels to receive, manifest and attract
  • Top up your source energy with nature
  • Share food, laughter and stories
  • Learn how to heal and awaken
  • Create space in your life
  • Remember what really matters

Early Bird

$ 2300
  • We like to honour your early commitment and your devotion to doing this work.

Retreat Price

$ 2500
  • You are ready for this. You are walking into the next step of your life.


  • 7 days and 6 nights at eco accomodation in Bali
  • Twin or private share rooms
  • Transfer to retreat accomodation (you need to transfer separately post retreat)
  • 3 healthy nourishing meals a day
  • Purified water
  • Herbal and healing teas
  • Sacred traditional medicines
  • Flower bathes
  • Somatic release
  • Waterfall visits
  • Sacred Temple visits
  • Local Sacred medicine teachings
  • Daily Womens Ceremonies
  • Group energy activations
  • Sacred goddess initiate codes
  • Sacred earth teachings and experience
  •  Daily discourse, morning practice, embodiment sessions and healings


6:30 / 7 am Daily Practice – Yoga, Feminine Movement/ Ritual/ Morning sequences

9/9:30am Breakfast

10 – 1pm Morning session – embodiment, healing, discourse

1 – 2/2:30pm Lunch

2:30 – 6pm Afternoon Session

6pm Dinner

7:30pm Night Ceremony

**This is subject to change due to the nature of the event and. On days where we are doing temple visits, on site Sacred initiations this timetable will be adjusted.



You will walk into this retreat one Woman, and step out as another Woman.

You will merge lifetimes, dreams, visions with this reality.

You will initiate yourself into a new way of living, breathing and being.

This is the new day emerging, this is the new dawn rising.

This Retreat Immersion Will Give you:

  •  An opportunity to explore high vibrational practices and states within your body
  • An opportunity to be on Sacred cleansing land
  • Immerse in nature and learning from country
  • A Sacred Wild Feminine foundation to upgrade your life, your energy, your Sacred anatomy and your channels of service
  • Nourish connection to yourself, Women, the earth and spiritual essence
  • Do deep inner healing of your ancestral and Feminine lineage.
  • Walk your own inner Sacred voyage to awaken and receive inner wisdom and healing
  • Activate your earth frequency and the passage between you and the earth
  • Ways to tune in, activate Medicine within your body, upgrade the vibration of your womb and heart and merge it with the heart
  • Activate the essence of the medicine Woman, priestess and Warrior of the earth within you
  • Saturate yourself with Womens Ceremony for 7 days.
  • Nourish your Spiritual essence as an awakened Woman, Womb and Heart Wisdom
  • Activate your fertility channels to be a channel for life in all forms


Women leading through love and the active temple energy of the womb​

We will be working with a medicine circle of Sisterhood to unite in an energetic field of connection, trust, healing, acceptance, compassion and empowerment of the highest soul potential of each woman to be birthed.

Together we are remembering Wisdom, soul keys, evolution, grace, the inner spiral journey, how to relinquish greater love and oneness with your body, this earth, this life. Receive de-armouring of emotional stagnation, blocks and fears, priestess sequences. Honouring the rhythm and relationship between you and life, using the womb as the Sacred gate keeper


Join us for this 7 day Sacred immersion

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