The Trinity Of Love

60 Day Online Transmission to bring you home to the power of the  Feminine heart

Our Next Group Journey Begins March 2nd

Are you ready to be fully you?
Women leading through love and the active temple energy of the womb & source within.
Ready to journey with a group of like minded Women ready to walk there with you?

To fully honour the depth of love within yourself that you create your life from.

This journey offers you the opportunity to receive the key that will begin to activate the fullness of your receptivity to your Divine inheritance.


This is a 60 day self initiatory group journey into the heart of the feminines capacity to love

This is the essential work for any Woman wanting to step into her healing light, step into her Medicine self.
A Sacred Women's Journey with the Trinity Of Love to activate your souls potential with Feminine consciousness

This 60 day program is a Sacred transmission. A living declaration and invocation of new channels of light, love and connection to arrive in your life to assist your soul purpose, your body temple vitality and how you use the channels of the Feminine, so that you can deepen your connection to the light you are here to harness as life force energy.

This is a journey to reclaim and remember the power of love as a gateway, to accept those shadows, to overcome those challenges, to call forward our Sacred gifts.

The self love journey is one of the most important journeys to embark upon. Love for self is a mirror of how we love all things.

Love is an essential quest that you embark on, a quest to return to the original source from which you began. It is the means and the end; the start and the finish.

Love is the essential surrender. The surrender to a greater capacity to live beyond the illusion of self imposed belief systems, beyond what you may believe is possible.

Love is the passageway that helps you step through the temple gates of you inner sight; you are here to remember yourself as holy and pure, a daughter of the universe.

Love is the humbling of the heart so that we may use this life force to journey us deeper home to who we are, the essential medicine we carry, and what it is the life represents in our evolutionary journey.

The trinity of love is an activation to awaken you to your Sacred inheritance to be who you came here to be. To return to love for self, as mirrored in love for all things activates the fullness of your Divine inheritance, the opening of your heart to receive all that is rightfully yours.

Together we create a powerful circle to walk you through a Sacred gateway.

A gateway to greater service, earth medicine and truly thriving and saying yes to evolution where the Feminine is in balance, is anchored and secured with the frequency of the earth


"Sammi has a way of reaching into your soul and reflecting back that of which you needed to see. She so gracefully and powerfully shares her knowledge & wisdom in such a open free way with all who desire it. I spent a week in Bali with her this August in sacred women’s work and the transformation is still unraveling in perfect motion. I felt so held by Sammi, I vibed with her energy instantly & knew I had to work with her & have ever since. Being in retreat with her was one of the most defining moments of my adult life and I will be forever grateful for that experience with her & my new soul sisters made from it. She’s family now & I’m so thankful to that we get to walk our lives on this earth together !

The Trinity Of Love Will Remind you:

  • Self love is the quintessential foundation for your evolution, understanding and expansion in your life.

  • It is the gate that you open to access the deeper embodiment and teachings of the Sacred Feminine.

  • Self love is the hardest of all loves until we break free of separation. So together using the golden thread of the universal tapestry we are going to rethread your chambers of love and light into your being.

  • A Sacred Wild Feminine foundation to upgrade your life, your energy, your Sacred anatomy and your channels of service
  • To nourish connection to yourself, Women, the earth and spiritual essence
  • To receive the beautiful depth of your Feminine lineage by upgrading it to love.
  • To walk your own inner Sacred voyage to awaken and receive inner wisdom and healing
  • The power of alignment, invocation, mantra, Sacred geometry, the spoken word, visualisation and using grace.

This program will give you the opportunity to truly OPEN & RECEIVE


We walk you through healing, expansion and love through the gentle but life changing immersion in the Trinity of love.

This is a Divine incubator for you to receive the fullness of yourself. 

It is your birth rite to feel love, and to call upon the love of light as a vehicle of evolution, to be able to call upon this wellspring of life force for you to create and fuel your life.

It is your birth rite to shine, illuminate, radiate the essential essence of life itself.

That is part of your Sacred purpose as a light weaver, way shower and channel for Divine light.

The body is the divinity, it holds the temple gates for you to walk through and receive.

Source code energy

The trinity of love as source code energy can become an incredible marker in how you connect to the earth, receive guidance, make decisions and provide light.

It is also the marker for how much you can receive, create and attract into your life. Read that one again.

It is the marker for how much you can receive, create and attract into your life.

To make big changes you need to be able to receive big. Big amounts of light, guidance, love, joy.. you name it. It can come through very subtly but the power of it is big.


We are journeying with Love as a direction you move in, a way you live. We remove the idea that love and light are something you pick and choose, and return you deeper to the inner nectar of you, working with the inner pyramids and temples within you that stretch far across time and space.

Are you excited now?

Beginning 2020 merging with the Trinity of Love, for your personal benefit and the collective of a group of Women (we are anchoring light all over the world).

The Trinity of Love is an inner activation of sequences of light

How this program will work

  •  You will be in a Sacred incubator of light, Divine activation and love, along with all the incredible Women who are going to join you.
  • Every 6 days you will receive a new download/ code/ activation/ teaching/resources/ scripts to anchor and work with.
  • We will have a closed Sacred space Facebook container that enables you to connect to the Women in this community as if you were in a real life container together of deep friendship, real Women and honour for each other.
  • You will receive EXTRA tips and wisdom teachings on plant medicine practices, rituals and ceremonies to use through out the 60 days.
  • You will have a LIVE login to the course portal on our website where I will upload all the things you need.
  • Facebook LIVE check ins and Love notes throughout the journey.
  • You will be in an incubator of the Trinity Of Love.
  • We learn to make love the first thing

You will walk away from 60 days:

  • Creating loving boundaries
  • Bringing what arises back to the heart to discover the truth
  • Understanding collaboration and co-creation of yourself and life with new channels
  • Changing your perspective on bringing your medicine into 2020 with the strength of the light that casts no shadow
  • A deeper reverence and depth to love for yourself, source energy, the earth and each other as Women.
  • Activated hidden Sacred DNA wisdom (currently waiting to awaken within your body to begin the year)
  • Passion between the womb and heart.
  • An inner fire of light that feeds the medicine channel you will serve in 2020.
  • A deep homecoming to Women, community and collaboration with sisters.
  • A connection to the light that casts no shadow and that of duality and how to merge and love all three so that 2020 is integrated with this navigational tool.
  • Understand your body as divinity and a Sacred devotion to get anywhere in life, this first must be your choice to love.
  • Deepening of love for yourself, in directions you may not have looked.
  • Dissolving timelines of wounded stories, separations and lake of co-creation and collaboration with life.

*This is not religious teachings. This is integrative spirituality, Womb wisdom and eros so that you can be a fully embodied channel of the source of Woman you came here to be.

** This is not suitable for beginners on the self love journey.


The Trinity Of Love is an evolving teaching, it is in essence very simple but very powerful, life changing work.


It is one of the Divine Feminine and calls upon the Divine mother within all things.

It will take you to places you never dreamed possible in strange, wonderful, and magical ways. In other words, it will wondrously restructure how you begin anything.

We will be working with a medicine circle of Sisterhood to unite in an energetic field of connection, trust, healing, acceptance, compassion and empowerment of the highest soul potential of each woman to be birthed.

Using the Trinity of Love we are creating a Sacred road map within the earth to channel light into our lives and how that assists us to use our gifts and joy to make great waves in our service and lives.

We are opening hidden secrets within your body, mysteries with the feminine and the potential of what we can truly receive as we begin to awaken and align to being fully embodied abundance channels, in very simple but powerful ways.


Women leading through love and the active temple energy of the womb & source within

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